The King Kong line or your way of Kong


You - single - Stranger - unmatched - a monster - drawn isolated - animated -alive.

Solitary and silent without a word this - inside the intimate you. Online paradox trace of modesty he shows his life, inner border of c 'has none to see, skin and what course of action is not to say too early. Skin of monkey: Strange line wafer and binding, can both and did both.

In interlacing, in his gesture, somewhere a man is there, he designed. On the sheet trace flies, runs, binds. But this is enough, the line is there and I am the animal that goes from line to brush from brush that traces it to the hand it extends, and I read this in the coated paper line, track, which tells me about the gesture that creates the pen that draws from the hand leads.

If the line shows it is the shadow of the author whose paper on the project disappears. And the light and the line simply present the Kong whom makes life. Flowers light-colored flowers.

Tower of Kong:

The line of Kong is a mute line of a very mischievous monkey who says nothing and never tale.Preamble and pranks. Monkey laughs and feat long line and narrow path lined with flowers.

I do not have enough breath, sometimes, to follow you wherever you go, and go with you. Too often away from the page. It's between me and time ...

Wednesday, June 9, in the strange sight, once again I lean on its pages and on him. "The tour of the Kong": What I will shot there?Hay sketches!

This was no white around the desert, this was a discreet screen shoji. when it opens everything explodes. Suddenly rings the Kong and flourishes in women's treasures. Is this a dream?

In the end the paper covered with feminine symbols, the drawing, the background full of powerful fantasies. On my end, to say it, a few buttons of prose to my friend.


Nicolas Nerrière

Lescun 02.2010 – Mérignac 10.2010