Julien-G (French, b.1976) is a painter, printmaker, illustrator, and educator currently lives and works in New York City.

His early aspiration to become an artist was triggered by his love of comics and cartoons. The humorous aesthetic and sequential structure of these media left a strong impression on him. Later, as an art student, he rejected the contemporary academism and pseudo conceptualism of art school. Instead, he decided to learn directly from “the masters” and eventually find his own path as an artist.

In 2001 he experienced an epiphany, when walking the street and looking at a yellow mechanical digger spotted with rust, he was struck by its analogy with banana peels. That unexpected match became the cornerstone of his poetic and humorous way to address the world and his art practice. Since then, he uses apparently mismatching patterns to question both contemporary and archetypal subject matters, such as human condition, environmental, spiritual and social issues.

Julien-G studied art at Ecole Des Beaux Arts de Nantes Metropole, earning a BFA in 1998 and an MFA in 2001. He exhibits internationally and his work can be found in various private collections.