My work plays with contradiction, trying to find a cohesive way to deal with opposite forces: Drawing Vs Color, Narration Vs Abstraction, High culture Vs Low culture, Spirituality Vs Humor… My goal is to create friction between these elements and ignite interpretations in the observer’s mind. Like visual haikus where the “sacred” meets the trivial, my series function with a minimal amount of elements aimed toward simplicity. I usually pick my subjects for their archetypal potential, whether they come from popular culture, news or history. I try to twist them, make them collide and overlap.

My approach to painting relies on mixing media and imageries, using abstract visual vocabulary as well as pattern like figurative elements. So creating unlikely encounters of motifs and evocative shapes. The act of making is essential, the process of carving, printing, stenciling, applying paint meet this desire to have a hands-on approach. Experiencing the resistance of matter, and overcoming this tension is fundamental to my art making practice.

My creative brain was informed by sequential arts like comics and cinema as well as by my encounter with museum artworks. It led me to multiply and decompose the surface… Using polyptychs has opened up a wide range of possibilities. Their ability to merge both time and space open up endless possibilities that I am still exploring from series to series.